Wednesday, December 9, 2009

on the 9th day of christmas...

I am enjoying the quiet house right now as Isaac sleeps and Leroy is at school. Wasn't going to send him as he has a nasty cough but the Transition classes are having their xmas party today - took him to the dr and she said he's fine to go to school, just needs AB's and rest at home (after school that is) He's not contagious to other kids, so he's gone off to enjoy party food and xmas craft at school for a few hours while I get my head around what else I need to do this week!! eekk!!

Last night I addressed all those chrissy cards and discovered I was about a half dozen or so short, so made more! I found Kerryn's step x step for this weeks 52 pick up challenge and used that to make thse 2 cards. I am so stoked how they came out and I know the recipients will love them  :)

Another open house here this arvo so better go do some darn tidying (again!!)

see you tomorrow xx


  1. the cards look awesome tash love the colours...

  2. Pleased Leroy is feeling a little better & could go to his little party.

    Your cards are just so wonderful, the flower is great & your colours too. Fun to make hey!

    Off to make more cards - I thought I had enough!!

    Deb xx

  3. awesome job on the flowers - my mojo is still up the creek but the gals are coming over tomorrow to scrap and chrissy lunch (including ally, janine and kim) so it may just return;)
    glad to hear Leroy is feeling better:)

  4. Fantastic cards! You crafty types amaze me... one day I want to make things!!

    Glad to hear Leroy is okay (well, okay enough for school) so you get a bit of time, and he gets a bit of party food!

    Love Charlotte

  5. Hi Tash - thanks so much for visiting my blog :) I love your cards - it's so refreshing to see Christmas cards in colours other than boring old red and green ;-)

  6. Loving your Christmas countdown Tash and the cards look fantastic!!! and am thinking I might have to give those flowers a go too ;) Thanks also for your comments on my blog and hope you got your printer sorted to print you some music paper :)
    Aga xx

  7. Wow Tash, those cards are gorgeous! Kerryn's flowers look great made with Christmas paper!

    Glad to hear that Leroy is not contagious & was able to go to the party - hope the AB's are kicking in & make him better fast!



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