Sunday, May 2, 2010

I finally scrapped!!!!!!!!!

OMG what a long drought that was... with everything that went on in late 2009 I lost my mojo. Think it might have been packed somewhere when we moved house just before xmas, then we went interstate for 3 weeks and since we've been back life has been a tad chaotic. Anyway last night I decided enough was enough and scrapped the few photos I had laying around... here's the results.

This first one is of Leroy at 6.5 months (so cute!) and my SIL Aretha... the kids call her Aunty Reefa!

This is my grandparents (my mum's parents) He passed away 3 years after this was taken.. he was 48 and I was 7 years old. We have very few photos of him so when we recenty found a little plate from Dreamworld with this photo on it we were very happy! I miss her terribly too - she has been gone for 7 years now. The saddest thing about her young passing (she was 69) was that she never got to hold her great-grandchildren. I don't say 'see' as I do feel her presence a lot still  :)

Off to Harvery Norman shortly to get some photos printed - I've been bitten by the scrap bug again! happy dancing here! Back soon...