Saturday, February 28, 2009

I can't decide which one - HELP!!

Well I've spent the best part of this evening fiddling round with the settings on here, and the more I look at the background I chose the more I actually don't like it! I stumbled across this tonight while blog hopping and think I might buy one. It's called Blog Couture designed by Rhonna Farrer... she's one of my fave designers. They are US$1.50 each which I reckon is fine ;)

so which one do you like???

I like this one or this one or this one. well actually I like them all which is the problem!! plus then there is the matching banners, which some I love but then not so fussed on the backgrounds!! help! I think I might sleep on it... but please give me your opinion! thanks :)

PS this is my 3rd post today (this must be a record for me!! see the others below!)


I just got back from my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and am feeling rather pleased with myself. I was a bit nervous about what the scales would say this week as I had a bit of a sweet tooth eat-a-thon last weekend (that time of the month) but I got back on track on Monday and have been good all week, even trying to save a few points each day - which I've managed most days. It paid off and I had a loss of 1kg this week. That means I have now made my next goal of under 85kg and I have now lost a total of 19.1kg, so next week I hope to make (or come very close to) my 20kg total loss goal which means I'll be able to go and get a new Murano glass charm for my Pandora (my first one - I got the bracelet itself as my 15kg reward and will get a glass charm for each 5kg) Doing a little happy dance here let me tell you!! Happy me. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Also just thought I'd share this photo that Leroy took of me the other day - not the most flattering one esp with only half a head! lol... he just grabbed the camera and clicked before I could stop him. I was expecting the worst from this angle... thinking fat double chin. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it (and hence didn't delete it - will add to my journal)

Happy Weekend everyone!

lots of scrapping!

PS why did I wait so long to come back to blogger????? it is soooo much easier to upload photos here... you can do 5 all in one go!!
woohoo! thanks for visiting and any comments (and thanks for all your comments so far girls - I have not worked out yet how to respond to them directly but I will!)

Friday, February 27, 2009

my chicken & roasted vegie pasta salad

Just wanted to share this recipe with you all. I've been trying really hard lately to make our meals more cheaply. I am also doing Weight Watchers (and have so far lost 18kg - woohoo!) and while it can be a tad expensive to buy some of the lower fat items, if you eat less food it costs less to buy!!! lol. Anyway one of the things I've been doing for a few weeks now is buying a whole chicken from Lenards ($9.99) which I buy fresh the day I want to cook it. We used to throw out so much leftover chicken 3 days later as a whole chook is much too much for us. So I've been coming up with ways to use the leftovers... this is my current favourite. So firstly I dry roast a heap of vegies... things like sweet potato, beetroot, mushrooms, capsicum, and tomatoe. For those doing WW as well, this whole tray is only 1/2 point - that's just the sweet potato. I do the tomato to add a bit of moisture to the dish when it's all added together with the pasta. Usually this amount of veg I would use for Mathew and I but as he was out when I made this, and I was starving I ended up eating most of it myself!! But all point free so it's cool!

Cook your pasta shapes... in this one I used Penne. For those doing WW it's 2.5 points for 50g dry pasta which is heaps once you add all the vegies and chicken. Then shred 50g of the leftover chicken (1.5 points) and add the whole lot together in your serving bowl. I mush up the tomatoes a bit too let the juices out. Add some chopped continental parsely and season and yummmo!! All that for 4.5 points.!! :)

Enjoy! And if you have any recipes to share (esp for using leftovers like this) please leave me a comment and link me to your blog! thanks

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to eat an orange

This is too funny and too cute not to share right away! This is Isaac tonight having his orange while Leroy and I ate our dinner (Mathew was out). I was thinking 'he must be enjoying that - he's so quiet' When I went to check this is what I saw! Lucky I keep the camera on the kitchen bench hey?! I think he didn't want to touch it with his hands cause it was so cold from being in the fridge. Funny boy. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blog candy

yummmooo... check this out!

you can enter to win, just follow the link above. noice hey?!


wow can't believe I have actually found the time to do this! welcome to my new blog... I have been thinking the last couple of weeks that I really needed to start a freebie blog, rather than my Typepad one. It did serve me well and I do so love the ability to upload and organise my work into folders but to be quite honest I didn't actually get around to doing any of that in 2008!
So here we are! Will start the ball rolling with some recent DT work for LSBS. In a recent kit I got the Daisy Bucket Boy Oh Boy and had lots of fun playing... this is what I did.

thanks for visting. be back soon with more! (oh so much more - I have already scrapped over 85 layouts this year!!!)

PS can't believe how much easier it is to use blogger than typepad!! boy has blogger improved in the last couple of years (plus I'd been having all sorts of trouble with my internet explorer crashing every time I tried to post photos in typepad!! arrrggghhh. bye bye!)