Thursday, September 24, 2009

my creative little man

With the imminent start of the school holidays upon us I've been giving a little thought about what quiet activities Leroy and I can do while Isaac has his sleep each day. (The rest of the time will no doubt be spent going to the Water Park etc etc!!) It reminded me of these fantastic cards Leroy and I made together a while back now... he just loves the Cuttlebug and runs lots and lots and things thru it whenever he gets the chance. The day we did these he had a wonderful idea to add some colour to the embossed surface so set to work with some paint and a foam brush. Once dry we cut them up and make these simple but colourful cards! Cool huh?

If anyone has any tips or links to cool blogs who do craft for kids please leave me a link here. Thanks!

ETA: I also tought I would share what I have done with a lot of Leroy's school craft. We all gets stacks of things home I know and I for one feel very guilty about chucking it away, especially when I finally get the guts to do it only to have Leroy see it in the recycling bin, lol! So when we moved house I photographed everything he had in his room - heaps of heaps of 3D things he had made at preschool (they did a unit of work all about australian animals) Then I cut out the photos and popped them onto a layout. There - memory recorded! (and the originals in the bin one day while he was not looking!!) Will definately be doing this again. And it made Leroy's day when he saw I had dedicated a whole layout to his artwork (and he didn't even ask where the 'real' ones where)  :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

oops I did it again

How many times have I changed my blog design now? I've lost count. But I have FINALLY found one I love and that isn't too over-powering. Have spent the whole evening tonight fiddling around and adding in little things - see the cute little 'signs' over there -------> love them! You can find all sorts of goodies and super cute blog backgrounds here at Shabby Blogs. And see the 'lace' sign off below the post - love that too - spent a lot less time than I would have thought doing that thanks to this fantastic and easy to understand tutorial on the Shabby Blogs blog (lol)

Let me know what you think  :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

some scrappy creations

A pile of recent (and a couple from a month or so ago that I forgot to upload)...
Playing with some yummy new cosmo cricket
Silly sideways images again... will work that out one of these days, lol
as you can see isaac wanted to be in on the action when photographing layouts  :)
the boys club (that would be the boys and their daddy)
higher mum higher!!
love this one.... the PP is a sheet of gift type paper that I think came from an art supply store -  it was a gift from my brother and SIL
 thanks for visiting and commenting  :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a visit from the Tooth Fairy

My big boy has lost his first tooth! I was out with my SIL on Sat arvo and he had his Daddy call me so he could excitedly tell me over the phone that his tooth was wobbly. That piece of news certainly could not wait till I returned home, lol. So a few days of wobbling it and being so excited about it all, (a couple of his friends have recently lost teeth) it finally came out last night while he was eating a honey sandwich. He was so excited. So darn cute!! So here's a bit of a pictorial of the events...

This is him just before bed showing of his new gap...

the tooth all ready to go...
and me and leroy having a photo just before bed... just after this photo he made me open his bedroom window so the Tooth Fairy could get in, lol.
THEN he woke at 4am wanting to come into our bed. when we got him back into huis bed he remembered about the tooth fairy and was delighted to find $2 in place of the tooth PLUS a new toothbrush and some kids minty toothpaste (we think the reason she gave him this is becasue he has until now refused to use mint toothpaste - even kids mild mint, so we have to buy this expensive berry flavoured one. but this morning he used the mint one and said it was fine! phew!
and talk about inflation, lol. I would have been lucky to have gotten 10cents. Last night when he was aasking about what she would bring I said it might be a gold coin if he was lucky. He's been learning all about bigger numbers at school (like 20, 30, 40, 50 etc) and he says 'maybe she might give me a 50 dollar, hey mum?' I said oh no that's too much and it won't fit in the little tin. His response was 'but it can fold up really small and then it will fit' he's resourseful, I'll give him that, lol (I should mention he has no idea how much money $5 or $50 is - just cause he's been learning these numbers)
and look what we found on the window sill under the blinds... a sprinkling of fairy dust... so special  ;)

thanks for visiting  :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


have done a couple of things this weekend for the CC (see post below) and not sure how much else I'll get done as we have visitors for lunch today and have to shop/prepare for that in a tick! But here's what I have done.... (darn sideways images again... if you want to see them right way up you can go here and here)

I will be back soon (perhaps tomorrow) as I have a heap of layouts to share here on my blog. thanks for visiting :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's that time of the month again!

No not that time - well it is actually (LOL!!) but I'm talking about the monthly CC over at LSBS. This month it's all about the men in our lives.

Here's a little sneak peak at my challenge.

And this is the full layout from the blind scrap that I gave you a peek of yesterday...

I'm in the middle of a huge re-organisation of my scrap desk/space - I've realised that my mojo has been missing as my space is not working for me set out as it is since we moved house. SO I went and bought a few storage things today and hope to rectify that! Back with before and after pics soon.

Thanks for visiting :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a sneak peek

at my sept blind scrap that was held this week over at LSBS. I always have a bit of trouble with these as I'm so visual but totally stoked by this one. I used some BG obscure PP that was a RAK from the lovely DebiJ from LSBS and I just love how it came together. Not allowed to show it in full till tomorrow but here's a sneak ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ARTastic September

This month over at the ARTastic challenge blog we are featuring Kandinsky and his painting titled, 'On White II'

This is my interpratation of the challenge. I was inspired by the colours in the Kandinsky painting (although mine has turned out a bit brighter than the painting) and also by the general layout which I drew a rough version of and used as a sketch for my layout. A vague resemblence I think, lol. Also added in some thick black doodling to connect it back to the painting.

Make sure you head on over and check out the rest of the DT layouts. There have also been quite a number of awesome entries already uploaded. So good to see that everyone is loving the concept.

I finally have some mojo again (thank goodness - was getting a bit worried there for a while) Have been playing with a DT kit from LSBS and am LOVING it. Will be sharing soon.

And I also just wanted to share this super gorgeous photo of my beautiful boys taken a couple of weeks ago outside Leroy's classroom. They just adore each other, and I think you can really see it here. BIt spesh aren't they? I know I'm a bit biased but.......

bye xx