Thursday, September 24, 2009

my creative little man

With the imminent start of the school holidays upon us I've been giving a little thought about what quiet activities Leroy and I can do while Isaac has his sleep each day. (The rest of the time will no doubt be spent going to the Water Park etc etc!!) It reminded me of these fantastic cards Leroy and I made together a while back now... he just loves the Cuttlebug and runs lots and lots and things thru it whenever he gets the chance. The day we did these he had a wonderful idea to add some colour to the embossed surface so set to work with some paint and a foam brush. Once dry we cut them up and make these simple but colourful cards! Cool huh?

If anyone has any tips or links to cool blogs who do craft for kids please leave me a link here. Thanks!

ETA: I also tought I would share what I have done with a lot of Leroy's school craft. We all gets stacks of things home I know and I for one feel very guilty about chucking it away, especially when I finally get the guts to do it only to have Leroy see it in the recycling bin, lol! So when we moved house I photographed everything he had in his room - heaps of heaps of 3D things he had made at preschool (they did a unit of work all about australian animals) Then I cut out the photos and popped them onto a layout. There - memory recorded! (and the originals in the bin one day while he was not looking!!) Will definately be doing this again. And it made Leroy's day when he saw I had dedicated a whole layout to his artwork (and he didn't even ask where the 'real' ones where)  :)


  1. Hi Tash, Check out Kids Craft Weekly if you don't already ...

  2. funky looking cards Tash :) gorgeous work as always.

  3. A nice bunch of cards .... very clever... Haven't spoken for awhile... hope you are all doing well and you are all happy and surviving this buildup (your second now!!)

  4. Hello :-)

    I was so pleased to spot a new name on the Cottontails blog followers - thank you so much!

    I hope you have had a nice half term and managed to do some nice crafty things?

    I have a part time evening receptionist job as well as running Cottontails (makes ends meet!) but it's term time only so I have had a blissful week :-)

    Love Charlotte

  5. These are gorgeous Tash.
    I love how you have used your Cuttlebug. I brought one of those the other day. Must get it out for a play.

    I have tagged you over @ my blog. x



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