Friday, November 13, 2009

out of wild blue yonder I emerge...

wow I have been MIA for yonks haven't I? well all is good in the Top End. the reason for falling of the face of the earth was my pc died and it toook 3 weeks to be repaired in syd by manufacture then 4 days after I got it back it dies again (same problem - good repair job hey??!!) but got it repaired locally this time. just got it back yesterday.

SO lots going on here.... here's a breif look at my life over the last 2 months
* I made the very decision to resign from my DT position at LSBS. I totally lost the passion to scrap at all and really just needed to take a step back. Was a wonderful 2+ years on the team and I will miss it but also really looking forward to just scrapping for me.
* I also have resigned from my spot at the ARTastic challenge blog for all the same reasons.
* We have been madly house hunting for a few months now - looking to buy our very first home. We finally found a lovely townhouse within our budget and fingers crossed the finance will all be approved by the end of next week for settlement mid dec - so all moved in by xmas!!!
* kids are well - crazy busy as usual but well. both are enjoying their mumma who has so much more time for them now. can't believe I put sitting in front of the PC before my kids for so long (hanging head in shame)
* hubby is busy at work but doing really well, so well that he is now going full time up here. we will re-assess in 2 years and decide whether to head back south then. but for now the top end is home and we love it! even the heat!!!!!
* I have not scrapped for a couple of months now... starting to feel the niggles of wanting to again. must get some new photos sorted.
* have done re-think of my weight loss will update my weight loss blog in a tick (which I'm going to make public now)
* my SIL who lives up here had a gorgeous baby boy called Jake on Nov 4th. he's divine  :)
* I have gone gluten-free after months of not feeling great (read: crap!!) and I feel great as a result. have cut my pain meds in half!!!!!!!!!!! so awesome!!!!!!!!!

let me know by leaving a comment if anyone is still out there reading. thanks for visiting  :)


  1. Hiya Tash... I am reading and visiting!!
    I am so glad to hear that you are well, but sounds like having the computer repaired was a hassle and a half! Congratulations on your SIL having a bubba... lots of baby goodness and photo opportunities there! Hugs, Lisa xxx

  2. Hi little Tash...I just had a little read & what a beautiful wedded couple you looked & what an amazing & lovely cake you had too.

    I reckon if scrapping was around when I had little kiddies at home, the authorities would have been on to me for child neglect....hehehehe. But I can understand you, as this hobby can be all consuming.

    Have fun doing just what you do.

    Love DebiJ

  3. Hi Tash,
    I hear you on the Scrap Burnout. I dropped all of my DT commitments within a couple of months of each other last year and have barely Scrapped since. Though I'm getting back into mixed media OTP stuff now. I'm sewing, knitting, crochet... Doing lots of other creative things.

    Congrats on the new place too!


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