Monday, November 16, 2009

happy anniversary to us

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Here's a few piccies from our big day...weren't we looking hot?? lol  :)

here's me just before the ceremony - this was not a posed shot, I just looked over my shoulder at the photographer and he snapped this. one of my very fave photos from the day, just love the little peek of my shoes.

and the newlyweds just after the ceremony... made for a good photo but I thought I was going to blow off that boardwalk into the water!!

and our wedding cake that my very clever hubby made.... it was yummy choc mud cake, we make it every now and then still.

I still have not scrapped our wedding photos but maybe might get time to do that in the New Year (and sorry for the dodgy shots here - these are photos of photos, it was pre-digital!)

thanks for visiting  :)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both :)
    Tash you looked STUNNING!!! I love the photo of you looking over your shoulder, so natural and the one on the boardwalk is gorgeous!!!
    Huggs babe
    Trac x

  2. Oh Tash... you look absolutely gorgeous. And how beautiful is the pic with the ocean views. Picture Perfect! Congrats on your anniversay!
    Melinda x

  3. very lovely tash! beautiful! happy anniversary!
    x Anna


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