Friday, November 20, 2009

being creative in other ways, lol

Well I still have done no scrapping and I think I might not until well into the new year - just too much else going on. (I am going to make some cards tho - need a stack of thank you cards plus our xmas cards) ANYWAY, today Leroy had to go to school dressed up as an alien. They have been doing a unit of work this term about Space and today was just a fun day for them. SO this is what we came up with...

For the top I took an old T-shirt from his cupboard and glued pom-poms all over it with Power Pritt gel (handy stuff that!) and also did little 'eyes' all over it with blobs of Kindy Glitz. Also made the collar out of stiff felt and stapled the tulle fabric on (which Leroy chose himself from Spotlight - he thought it looked like alien eyes) and then added some leftover Fozzfelt to finish it.

Pretty pleased with himself don't you think? :)

He then decided that it would be better to wear the hat backwards as he already had his own eyes at the front to see things, lol. He thought how useful it would be to see behind him.  :)

Gotta love pipe-cleaners.

He had a great day and was still wearing the shirt when I picked him up even though I gave him a replacement  :)

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  1. Aww how cute is he??!! GReat job on the costume Tash. :)

  2. Scrapping goodies always comes in handy dont they Tash!! How great does he look!! Fabulous!

  3. Brilliant! And I love his logic about the eyes... after all aliens probably CAN see out of the back of their heads!!

    Hope he had a really fun day, and well done you on the costume!

    Love Charlotte


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