Friday, November 27, 2009

domestic goddess????

me a domestic goddess? rofl. hardly. I am going totally mental at the moment... me and both kids have been unwell this week. we are so busy it's unsane... our house is open for inspection tomorrow so I've been trying to tidy up for that. no sooner do I clean something it's dirty again. I kid you not. I just not 5 mins ago took everything off Leroys room floor and vacuumed and now it's covered in toys. arrrgggghhhh!! granted it is just the contents of the dress ups box so yes it could be worse (and nope I'm not going to test them as beleive me, it will probably get worse!) but honestly, can't it stay clean for 6 mins??!! we are also having a huge yard sale 2moro selling heaps of things, have done a massive clean out. feels good. or well it will when all the stuff is gone and all I have to show for it is a wad of $$$.

my to-do list for today was as follows: (have marked off what I have managed to get done)

* clean bathroom
* vacuum floors
* mop floors (will be done after kids go to bed - I'm smart there, lol)
* clean visible marks from wall. that's the whole freaking house!
* clean out big wardrobe (this is a job for hubby, most of the things need packing in boxes) we are selling the wardrobe
* clean highchair
* fix vertical blinds
* sort out ribbons and buttons for yard sale they look so cute all sorted into baggies in colours - why aren't I this organised with stuff I want to keep?
* get coins for yard sale
* email mathew page to print out for yard sale
* clean lounge
* Fold up washing

I have also made 2 trips to the shops for things I keep forgetting and numerous loads of washing. As you can see all the big jobs have not been done. Looks like I'll be having a late night tonight. Give me strength, give me strength!

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  1. Wow, you are a busy girl! I hope it all goes well tomorrow & you make lots of $$$! Hope you're feeling better too!



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