Friday, November 27, 2009

we found ducky!!!

Well we have one very happy little boy here tonight. His daddy found his beloved ducky while clearing out the big wardrobe... perhaps if I had actually turned the house upside down when I was looking for him like I said I did, then ducky would have fallen from the top of the wardrobe. don't ask me what he was doing up there... obviously got thrown up there!

In a few days time we will have a big brother for Ducky arriving from the UK, lol!!

I have to admit I was just as sad as Leroy that he went missing - I want to keep Ducky forever! When Mathew pulled him out, I'm such a dag, I had tears in my eyes!  ;)

Some pics of a happy boy who for the first night in a month has gone to sleep without calling out or crying...

what a nice end to a very busy day.... have updated my to-do list as well (see below), almost there!!


  1. Oh Tash what a wonderful end to the day.....So happy for Leroy to find his little sweet....luv marg xxx

  2. Yay, so happy Ducky has been found again! I hope Leroy is a bit more careful with him in future!


  3. Phew...what a relief...and won't ducky be happy to have an english cousin come to stay! All of your hard work paid off...with a duck!

  4. I told you that he'd turn up... that is such wonderful news. And how exciting that he is going to have a long-legged playmate soon.

  5. Woo hoo - the return of the Ducky...I am so pleased & so is little Leroy!! I can see the relief in his eyes!! He would have slept so well last night - I am sure.

  6. Oh what a HUGE relief for you all.... and what a precious little ducky he is too!
    Hip hip hooray! I hope the open house wasn't too stressful.


  7. I tink I said in my last comment to you that if you order a new one Ducky would be found - always the way! So glad he got his best friend back!


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