Thursday, November 19, 2009

we are moving house!!

yep we are moving again!! less than 6 months since last time.... but this time we are moving into our very own home! no more renting!! woohoo!! has been a long road to get here but it's all good. so 26 sleeps till the settle date, and a massive to do list to get thru before then (including selling some furniture so if you are in Darwin area or know anyone who is let me know!!)

Here is a few pics I pinched off the web of our new home  :)  it's a 3 bedroom townhouse with open plan living/dining/kitchen opening out to a courtyard on the ground floor and upstairs has 3 bedrooms (main with WIR & ensuite) plus the main bathroom of course. First thing I'll be doing it getting new window furnishings for the whole house  :)


  1. WOW! you've got a pool! Looks fab Tash and perhaps... just perhaps... you may find duckie when you pack!

  2. That looks awesome Tash, I bet you'll have fun fixing it up & making it just how you want it! Yay for the pool too! Hope ducky turns up when you're packing.


  3. Congrats sweetie- it looks awesome! I agree think the windows need to be a little more "covered" have an awesome time making it your own - it's so hot here I could jump throught he screen into that pool!

  4. Congrats Tash! just think 0 after this move, you don't have to do it again until YOU are ready!

  5. Oh it looks lovely... that POOL! It's like a gorgeous holiday place! (I am writing in the pouring rain over here in England... dreaming of sunshine and water that isn't freezing cold and falling from the sky!)

    Good point that Melinda made about Ducky - maybe he will emerge during the moving process?

    Love Charlotte

  6. Oh Tash I am so happy for you :) Your new home looks really lovely and you will enjoy putting your own stamp on things... I hope the move is a smooth as can be.
    Miss you
    Trac x

  7. Oh...looks lovely & cool, especially with the lovely for you all. You will just love it!!

    Love Deb xx

  8. It's every family's dream to have a house of its own. Most people spend a lifetime of hard work before they can truly call a house their own. Congratulations on getting your own house, I think it's really gorgeous. It's simple yet it has a dash of sophistication. Take care of her cause she's gonna take care of your family.


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