Tuesday, November 17, 2009

poor old ducky

We are a bit sad in our house now... my mum bought Leroy a special little cheeping duck toy from french toy maker Moulin Roty for his first birthday. He has adored him ever since. He has been mended many, many times, given haircuts, and mended some more just so Leroy could continue to love him. About 3 or 4 weeks ago he went missing. The sad thing is Leroy was throwing him around being a naughty 5 year old boy and now we can't find him anywhere. I know this is very odd me talking about a toy like he's a member of the family, but frankly he is!!  ;)

Leroy is beside himself at the moment, crying himself to sleep most nights worrying about Ducky. Some nights he thinks Ducky ran away because he has been so naughty :(  then we talked about that maybe Ducky went to visit Santa to get fixed up like all those broken toys on the Polar Express train.  We have also talked about that maybe, just maybe, Ducky went away to grow up into a bigger boy just like Leroy. (This is my desperate attempt to have him love a new one when I buy one - the original one is no longer available)

Just for memories sake here are some piccies...

This was Leroy at 12 months.... clutching to Ducky through gloved hands on a cold morning

a daytime nap with Ducky before his haircut

having a ride in the remote control car - he loved this! lol

Some mending... you can see how loved he was

awwww.... placed on the telly by leroy so they could watch it while he ate lunch or something, lol

I have contacted the owner of this gorgeous online store in the UK, who ships Australia (and hopefully by xmas!!!!!!!!) asking if she might know how to get an original Ducky otherwise I am going to order this guy and tell Leroy that Ducky has grown up now (and grwon legs!! lol) I think he'll be happy with that! Oh the things we do!

Please come home Ducky!! we miss you!!


  1. it makes you wonder where he possibly could have gone doesn't it? I bet if you buy the new one you'll find the old one!
    Very creative thinking though. If he comes back with legs for Christmas, Leroy will really, REALLY believe there is a Santa Claus!
    Good luck <3

  2. Oh, that is so sad, hoping that the new improved ducky is much loved. :)

  3. Congrats on your wedding anniverary Tash! I hope ducky turns up soon!
    Could you possibly email me your postal addy?
    I have a little RAK for you XX

    Melis Corbett XX

  4. Aw Tash...that is such a sad tale....but also a lovely one too. I hope you find Ducky soon, but with the move you most definately will.

    Cheers, Deb xxx

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely mention :-)

    I am SO sorry we can't help with Ducky. It's such a shame how many people have contacted us about him over the last couple of years and I wish we could do something. Again, I hope you have some success with ebay in France, and we would of course be happy to send a grown up Ducky.

    BUT! I have heard from Moulin Roty just this morning that the whole Edouard the duck range is actually being dropped from the forthcoming catalogue - after several years they have decided to say goodbye to him :-(

    There will be plenty of stock around for a few months I'd have thought, I'll be buying plenty up for Cottontails. But I just thought I would let you know in case there was anything else in the range you had your eye on - it won't be around for much longer now.

    Love Charlotte

    And thank you again!


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