Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a visit from the Tooth Fairy

My big boy has lost his first tooth! I was out with my SIL on Sat arvo and he had his Daddy call me so he could excitedly tell me over the phone that his tooth was wobbly. That piece of news certainly could not wait till I returned home, lol. So a few days of wobbling it and being so excited about it all, (a couple of his friends have recently lost teeth) it finally came out last night while he was eating a honey sandwich. He was so excited. So darn cute!! So here's a bit of a pictorial of the events...

This is him just before bed showing of his new gap...

the tooth all ready to go...
and me and leroy having a photo just before bed... just after this photo he made me open his bedroom window so the Tooth Fairy could get in, lol.
THEN he woke at 4am wanting to come into our bed. when we got him back into huis bed he remembered about the tooth fairy and was delighted to find $2 in place of the tooth PLUS a new toothbrush and some kids minty toothpaste (we think the reason she gave him this is becasue he has until now refused to use mint toothpaste - even kids mild mint, so we have to buy this expensive berry flavoured one. but this morning he used the mint one and said it was fine! phew!
and talk about inflation, lol. I would have been lucky to have gotten 10cents. Last night when he was aasking about what she would bring I said it might be a gold coin if he was lucky. He's been learning all about bigger numbers at school (like 20, 30, 40, 50 etc) and he says 'maybe she might give me a 50 dollar, hey mum?' I said oh no that's too much and it won't fit in the little tin. His response was 'but it can fold up really small and then it will fit' he's resourseful, I'll give him that, lol (I should mention he has no idea how much money $5 or $50 is - just cause he's been learning these numbers)
and look what we found on the window sill under the blinds... a sprinkling of fairy dust... so special  ;)

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  1. Oh Tash that's so gorgeous, love his photos, love the tooth box, love the fairy dust. Reminds me when my TB was Leroy's age. Hasn't he grown heaps and his face has thined a lot too. That was very clever thinking with the toothbrush and toothpaste indeed!!

    Wow, it's ages since I've been blog hopping, so I've missed a lot these last few months. Your boys are such images of both you and Matthew! love, Wirgie x x

  2. Thats gorgeous Tash... $2 you got of cheaply... mums at Aidan's school have been giving $20 for the first tooth!!!


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