Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to eat an orange

This is too funny and too cute not to share right away! This is Isaac tonight having his orange while Leroy and I ate our dinner (Mathew was out). I was thinking 'he must be enjoying that - he's so quiet' When I went to check this is what I saw! Lucky I keep the camera on the kitchen bench hey?! I think he didn't want to touch it with his hands cause it was so cold from being in the fridge. Funny boy. :)


  1. Oh how cute! He's getting so big.

    You can add my blog if you like - I love your background, by the way. I seriously need to give mine a facelift! It's

  2. That is just too funny Tash!

    Love your new blog - I see you've already got mine linked, I've just updated my link to yours!


  3. He will be good at problem solving.What a cutie.

  4. He has grown up so fast Tash, I still can't believe that Jayden is 1 now too! He started daycare a few weeks ago so I now have one day a week kid free and am trying to find a part time job. Hope things are good. Kim x
    PS: went back to pacific the other week - not much has changed!

  5. Geez I wish I was that flexible! LOL Too cute!


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