Friday, February 27, 2009

my chicken & roasted vegie pasta salad

Just wanted to share this recipe with you all. I've been trying really hard lately to make our meals more cheaply. I am also doing Weight Watchers (and have so far lost 18kg - woohoo!) and while it can be a tad expensive to buy some of the lower fat items, if you eat less food it costs less to buy!!! lol. Anyway one of the things I've been doing for a few weeks now is buying a whole chicken from Lenards ($9.99) which I buy fresh the day I want to cook it. We used to throw out so much leftover chicken 3 days later as a whole chook is much too much for us. So I've been coming up with ways to use the leftovers... this is my current favourite. So firstly I dry roast a heap of vegies... things like sweet potato, beetroot, mushrooms, capsicum, and tomatoe. For those doing WW as well, this whole tray is only 1/2 point - that's just the sweet potato. I do the tomato to add a bit of moisture to the dish when it's all added together with the pasta. Usually this amount of veg I would use for Mathew and I but as he was out when I made this, and I was starving I ended up eating most of it myself!! But all point free so it's cool!

Cook your pasta shapes... in this one I used Penne. For those doing WW it's 2.5 points for 50g dry pasta which is heaps once you add all the vegies and chicken. Then shred 50g of the leftover chicken (1.5 points) and add the whole lot together in your serving bowl. I mush up the tomatoes a bit too let the juices out. Add some chopped continental parsely and season and yummmo!! All that for 4.5 points.!! :)

Enjoy! And if you have any recipes to share (esp for using leftovers like this) please leave me a comment and link me to your blog! thanks

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  1. That looks really yummy Tash, might just have to try that (although we never have any leftover roast chicken LOL!). You're doing so well with the weight loss, good luck for your weigh in tomorrow!


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