Monday, December 7, 2009

on the 7th day of christmas...

I was 'miss craft teacher' for the morning today. Some kids are so funny - most of them call me Tash or Leroy's mum  but didn't quite know what to call me since I was in class teaching them, lol. One kid even kept calling me Miss.

SO this is what we did... I pre-cut the paper to size and drew a triangle shape on the back for them to cut out. I also pre-embossed 2 of the 4 shapes, then they got to do the other 2 in class, would have run out of time otherwise. Then I let them play with some leftover bling sheets I had and some kindy glitz - they were all tops and so interested except for one kid who just swung on his chair, complained and made a mess with the kindy glitz - always one isn't there!

my example for them...

Some of the finished cards lined up waiting for the Kindy Glitz to dry...

And this one is Leroy's. Notice how it looks quite different to the others?? He was being a bit over excited and a  bit of a smarty pants that it was HIS mum teaching them, that he said 'well I can do mine with the spare bits' (read: offcuts after they cut out the triangles) I just left him to it, lol. He had after all done it all before, lol.

The kids all loved it, and were just amazed by the Cuttlebug as I knew they would be. One kid even told me, I quote "We've just had a little chat and worked out that it's not magic like you said, it's because when the paper goes through those silver rollers it gets squashed in between that thing with the pattern on it, that's what makes the pattern. we don't think it's magic like you said" I had to contain myself not to ROFL!!!! hee, hee, hee  :)

On the countdown now till settlement day on our new house - 7 days till we get the keys. Me thinks we better get moving with the packing!!!!

Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow

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  1. Those chrissie trees are so marvellous Tash....what wondrous little creations!

    Great that you could go & be 'Miss' for a while & show them the 'magic'!! Hehehe

  2. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun - love Leroy's version too!

    Good luck with the move - you must be getting really excited! Hope it won't take too long to get the internet connected at the new house!

  3. looks like the kids has some fun.....

  4. the kids cards look awesome!great job miss Tash :)


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