Tuesday, December 8, 2009

on the 8th day of christmas...

I have got a rather sick big boy. AGAIN! we both were all sick just 10 days ago and now he's unwell again. He woke up last night with a very hig temp - not sure how high but he felt VERY hot. Will be taking him to the drs this morning and requesting AB's this time. No doubt Isaac (and probably me too) will get it again as well since they love each other so much - hopefully we have a day of this...

this was taken last night before bed - and just before isaac's shower ;) think I might have a couple of basketball players on my hands?? look at the size of those feet!! lol

PS Anne can you send me your addy please so I can get your RAK, thanks for being my 20th follower  :)


  1. Oh no Tash, I hope Leroy is feeling better really quickly, and that you & Isaac don't come down with it - you've had enough!


  2. I hope Leroy is feeling better today...you need to keep packing, packing not worrying, worrying!!

    Love that photo though...it is wonderful.

    Love Deb xx

  3. Very cheeky!!! hope you are feeling better real soon x

  4. love the pic tash...I hope Leroy is feeling better to day i hate when kids get sick its all the worrying you do.....

  5. Awwww... do hope he is feeling a bit better and that you don't all get it. And hope Ducky doesn't get it!!
    Love Charlotte

  6. what a cheeky little boy you have there:) hopefully the Ab's have kicked in by now :)

  7. bottom's up!!! Hope you're all well now.


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