Sunday, December 6, 2009

on the 6th day of christmas....

it's finally beginning to look and feel a lot like christmas. Despite my card making marathon, I have been living in denial that chrissy is virtually upon us. But could do that no more yesterday with Leroy excitedly telling me all day that it was only 20 days till Christmas and tomorrow it'll only be 19!!

We went and bought a new tree and some lights all to be put up before anything else is unpacked in the new house I'm sure, lol. Leroy will see to that.

Last night I went through the decos to see what we had (amazing how you forget one year to the next isn't it?) and added to the box these gorgeous handmade hearts that I bought from Cottontails Baby - they are just divine and I can't wait to hang them somewhere.

PS I know I said I'd introduce you to Big Brother Ducky (yet to be re-named) today but it was too risky trying to get a photo of him before Leroy gets him.

Thanks for visiting and I'm off now to get ready for a busy day of chrissy shopping, then home for isaac's sleep, then a kids party this arvo! See you tomorrow (I'll be blogging later in the day as I will be at Leroy's school for the chrissy craft - will blog about that! can't wait to see how mcuh fun we have!)


  1. Aren't those little decos gorgeous Tash!! I just love hand made, well loved goodies...makes Christmas even more special.

    Enjoy your Sunday,

    Love Deb xx

  2. Haha, I'm still in denial here - 19 sleeps! Love those heart decos, too cute! Wonder how long I can get away with not putting our tree up? I suspect the kids will make me do it soon. Have a great day and enjoy your session with Leroy's class tomorrow!



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