Saturday, December 12, 2009

and on the 12th day of christmas...

the heavens opened wide!! as a result of the tropical cyclone and extreme low off the north coast of Darwin we have been experiencing VERY heavy rain for over 24 hours. I don't think, having come from drought affected areas, that I will EVER get used to sheer volume of rain that comes from these Top End skies. It is AMAZING! (and of course when I went outside to take these photos the rain subsides - but you can see how wet it is. look at that grass!!! 2 months ago it was brown and dead and too crunchy to walk on!!)

We have had a very busy day today anyway... Leroy and I were out the door at 8.30 this morning and I dragged him along to Target were I spurlged and bought myself a new pair of shorts, a t-shirt, 3 singlets and 2 sets of summer PJ's and a maternity bra, oh and a funky pair of summer thongs. spent $160 on that lot but darn happy wiht that!  :) After the shopping spree (which I did in less than 45 mins, go me!! lol) we went off to the movies to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs for a kids bday party. Was ok, but totally WEIRD too. (and I tell ya the weather here is cloudy with a chance of meatballs right now, rofl) After that came home for a quick bite to eat and hubby took the boys to go pick up his sister and I went and got some xmas photos printed of my baby nephew for my SIL and got my eyebrows waxed, then rushed down to do the pre-settlement inspection of our new house! OMG it's so close now!!!! And right now I'm taking a little quiet breather while all the boys take hubby's sister back into Darwin, then I'm off to frock up for hubby's xmas party tonight (in a spunky red dress I bought last night)! All this in amoungst trying to pack boxes. Am hoping and praying that the rain subsides over the next day or 2 - don't fancy trying to move house in the heavy rain.

Thanks a million to everyone who has visited and commented over the last 12 days and special thanks to those that are now following. I will collate all your wonderful comments (you girls sure do know how to make a girl happy!) and have Leroy choose a winner randomly tomorrow. Have a happy Saturday xx


  1. Wow Tash....that rain is is classed as 'monsoon' rain isn't it?? I just wonder about that humidity!

    While I write this I can hear the Christmas Carols from the showwground - very faintly but still sounds magical.

    I did a bit of a shop too today & got myself a pretty top with bling on it, for the Mac show on is nice to have something lovely hey!

    Hope you have had a really top night.

    Love Deb xx

  2. Sounds like you had a good - if busy - day today! Your purchases sound great, and pre-settlement inspection, woohoo! Not long now! When's the big day?

    Hope you have a great night out! Hope you're going to post a photo of you in that hot red number!


  3. omg tash i so wish it would rain here as its so dry...


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