Monday, December 14, 2009

and the winner is....

Rachel (aka Pepper)!!

I went through every single comment again (all 62 of them - you girls rock!!)  and wrote your name down on a sheet of paper every time you commented. You also got an extra entry if you are following me  ;) Then I cut them all up, put them in a big bowl and got Leroy to choose a winner.

Your parcel is already on it's way Rach - I had a huge pile of things to send and got to the PO before I was able to get on here to update!

This is what's winging it's way to you... no time to list everything but you get the idea. I had a box and I just kept putting stuff in till it was full, then pulled it all out to take the photo. Hope you like it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has played along with me, I appreicate every single comment - makes me so happy. {{{hugs}}}

Off in a tick to go and pick up the moving truck and got the keys earlier today, so I'll see you on the other side... not sure how long I'll be offline - this is the NT after all where NT stands for Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Not Tuesday, Not Thursday, rofl!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year  :)


  1. Well done Pepper girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a lovely load of stash you lucky girl. That is so generous Tash.

    Good luck with the move Tash. Be back online soon girl. Love Clare xxx

  2. OMG, wow, that's a huge pile of stuff! Big thanks to Leroy for picking my name out LOL!

    Hope the move goes well & you're back online asap - good luck with it all Tash!


  3. Well done Rachel!

    And love the pic of Leroy grinning!!

    Love Charlotte

  4. Hi Tash - hope the move went well! Just wanted to let you know that the parcel arrived today, and wow, what a huge pile of stuff you sent - thanks so much, I'm sure I'll have heaps of fun with it!

    Hope you all have a great Christmas!


  5. Just wishing you a big family Christmas together Miss Tash, & hope little Issac enjoys it all even with his sore eye. What a terrible thing to happen...but pleased he has a great outcome.

    Hope your move went OK & all is fine with everything else.

    LOve Deb xxx


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