Thursday, December 3, 2009

on the 3rd day of christmas...

Well today I am just enjoying the sunshine through the windows (and the aircon inside!!) and enjoying the fact that the house is so darn clean after my cleaning marathon yesterday arvo... check out the kids rooms - wonder how long they'll stay this way. I can guarantee not long as we'll be packing a lot of their things over the weekend.

And have a look what I found right outside our front door yesterday arvo - no little birdies or eggs though, hope they come back.

Might even get in a spot of scrapping in while the little man is asleep today but in the meantime here's a layout I did ages ago - this is what the sky looks like again every afternoon - I seriously love it. When I was a  kid we lived on a banana farm on the top of a mountain - from our front verandah you could see all the way out to sea. I remember sitting there watching massive storms roll in. Love it. The kids not so much - and I must admit the amount of noise the thunder makes here does make even me jump right out of my skin!

On Monday next week I am going in to Leroy's class to do some xmas craft with them - here's sneek peak of what we are doing. I am taking in my Cuttllebug for them to use - under strict supervision, lol. I know they'll get a kick out of it as Leroy just loves it!

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  1. That CB Christmas tree card is great Tash..and wont the kids have fun with that!!

    What sort of birdie sits in that nest??

    I really love the title of your LO...a fabulous piccie.

    Love Deb xx

  2. Love that LO Tash! Bet you'll have fun with the Christmas craft with the kids! Nice tidy rooms too, be nice if they'd stay that way!


  3. OH please if you figure out how to get them to keep it clean, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!! LOL
    I love your layout, I can feel the strom coming!

  4. Gorgeous little sneak peak of the tree Tash. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

    Luv Sandie


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