Friday, December 4, 2009

on the 4th day of Christmas...

I've been scrap shopping!! Has been a long time (and don't tell hubby, lol) Here's what I bought... some of this is for the scrap prize pack but not telling yet which bits, you'll have to wait and see. (hmmm, thought I'd seen the end of sideways images!)

Also made a stack more cards yesterday - decided to give myself a total day off from all the packing / organising / phone calls etc etc and just play all day. I even put Isaac in front of the TV for most of the day (guilt free - I needed it!) watching Thomas the Tank Engine - he loved it. Have now got a stash of about 35 cards I think and many more still to come out of my head, lol! Here's some of what I did yesterday...

Also beginning to wonder if I'll ever get a nice photo of the kids to include with the chrissy cards (or in place of the cards for the relos I know won't really appreciate getting a handmade one)... not sure that my Nan would appreciate this!

One can only dream that I would get a repeat of last years gorgeous effort....

Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow. Don't forget to leave me a comment - the more comments, the more entries you'll get in the prize draw. I'm off to play with my new things now  :)


  1. Oh Tash that photo of the boys is just delicious!!!

    Hope you are well
    trac x

  2. Great cards & fab stash Tash!!

    Love your boys piccies, & sure you will catch them in a quiet time soon....

    Love Deb xxx

  3. He he he your boys sure are cheeky. Love the 2nd one of them Tash, they are soo alike!!
    Wirgie x x

  4. I reckon you deserve to take time out and create and to have a little splurge now and then.

    Great job with your cards Tash. I luv em.

    And a huge thank you for my gorgeous card and little goodies that arrived yesterday - they arrived on a day that i REALLY needed a lift and of course I had a little tear in my eye.
    Thank you so, so much.
    Luv Sandie

  5. Nice stash you got there Tash! And a lovely pile of cards! As for the photos - last year's was definitely a good one - hope you get something good this time round too - I just bought reindeer antlers for my three to wear for our photo this year, will have to take them out & see what I can snap this weekend!


  6. love the photos tash your on a roll with them cards...

  7. Oh your boys are just gorgeous Tash, looks like you got your pic eventually!!!
    Wow you have done some beautiful creations hun, bet you must feel very happy xxx


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