Thursday, April 9, 2009

my Kaisercraft DT application

which I've decided NOT to enter :(

To cut a long story short, I have had a major flare up of my back pain... we went away to Katherine for a few days and I'm sure the activity and crap bed didn't help. Also in Dec I was also diagnosed with PND, something which I have wanted to share with you all, but didn't quite know how. Anyway I'm not coping very well with the pain, and made another trip to the drs today in sheer desperation and have been put on some pretty heavy drugs for the next few days to calm me down a bit and allow my body time to heal. Then I'll be starting a rehab program to try and get rid of this pesky pain once and for all. Well truth be told, I'm sure it'll be something I'll always have to deal with but the hope is if I make my body stronger I'll have less major flare ups. Helps having a hubby who is training to be a personal trainer - he is very motivated to help me. Oh how I love him.

Anyways, I've decided, after much soul searching and more than a tear or two shed, that I have to scale back my obligations. So not going to be applying for another one (The Kasier one) as much as I *LOVE* the brand and would really love to be on the DT, I think me and my health and that of my family has to come first. So this is what I spent many, many hours preparing for the application.... it's a shame really I am very happy with what I did.

the mini album... all about our amazing 2008 and everything that we {and I} achieved...

the double layout... as soon as I saw these papers I knew thye would be perfect for a trip we did to a local croc park... love how it turned out...

and the layout about me... funny thing about this is... the only reason I bit the bullet and went and got my hair cut off was that I had to be the subject matter of this layout... I didn't have any nice photos of me so went and got my hair cut and straightened and got hubby to take some nice photos of me, went and got 'em printed, scrapped 'em all in the name of a DT application which I'm not going ahead with!! LOL. at least I got a nice new do and some nice photos (and layout) out of it!! Dag aren't I? lol

SO now I just need to believe in myself, as I've told everyone here and get on top of this pain! Thanks for visiting and any comments you have. (I need a hug or 2 so feel free to leave me some love!)


  1. What awesome work Tash, I'm sure Kaiser would have loved to have you - maybe next year instead! I can understand that you need to get your health under control & I hope that you can do that quickly - especially the back pain, that is nasty!

    Big hugs babe,

  2. How sad that you dont feel up to submitting this awesome work.. the mini album, and the layouts especially... they are fantastic... Love them...
    Hope you are feeling better.. and whatever you do... get better and dont loose your scrapping mojo...
    Well wishes...
    Love jodes

  3. I reckon you've made an awesome choice tash...

  4. Hi, I think your work is beautiful and it's a shame you didn't enter it. I was interested to see your 2008 album as I did one for my entry, being the year my son started school. I love the LO about yourself - it's gorgeous. I hope you are feeling better soon. Love and hugs from a complete stranger! Hilary

  5. Oh Tash sorry to hear about your back and the PND. I think you have made some very brave changes with moving away from family and losing all that weight. Hope it all sorts itself out for you soon. Love what you did for the DT application - there is always next year. Big hugs and take care of you.

  6. Hey Tash, I've said a prayer for you to help your pain subside and feel for you with all the effort you have gone to with your submission for Kaiser. On the upside, you now have some stunningly beautiful and meaningful projects to keep, but I know the feeling of never knowing will be huge, however I'm here for hugs and we will have heaps of fun at Enchanted if any consellation to you at the moment. Keep your chin up and have some chocolate eggs to cheer yourself up, if you haven't already, he, he. Much love and friendhsip and praying for your speedy recovery, Tiff :o)

  7. I always love your work Tash - these are just gorgeous and I can see how much work you have put into them.
    I think you have made a very wise decision - get yourself right first. While the DT position would be fun and exciting, it certainly doesn't fix your immediate problems.

    I wish you well on your road to recovery.

    Always here to listen. Your friend Sandie

  8. It's such a shame you have not sent your DT work but I do understand that YOU come first and your health. Make sure you get some YOU time. Your body is telling you to slow down and you need to listen. Hope you feel better soon and thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Take care :)xo

  9. Awesome work sweetie - so understand your decision and kudo to you for being brave enough to spill:) I know it's not easy and I am sure over time you will be to take on the world and all it throws your way but in the meantime baby steps and you will get there - big hugs and mwahs mel :)Oh Jay and Corey send sloppy ones and squishy hugs for Aunty Tash too :)

  10. Hugs Tash...I have always loved your work since I started scrapping 2 years ago you were one of the first people whose work caught my eye...your talent will always be there, it is not going to go away, so look after yourself and other opportunities will arise when the time is right. x

  11. Oh wow Tash these all look awesome. Pity about deciding not to apply but as you said your health and family come first and there is always next time.

  12. Such a shame you haven't submitted your wonderful entry Tash - but can understand where you are coming from and agree that health has to come first! I love the way your projetcs have turned out and hope you feel better soon :)
    Aga xx

  13. Tash these are awesome! Fantastic work!! Its a shame you didn't submit it!


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