Saturday, April 11, 2009

lookie what I got...

I have been dreaming of a digi SLR for years and it's gonna be another few years before I can afford one I think... but thanks to Kevin 07 we decided to go and buy a new point and shoot - the best one we could afford. So happy with our choice too.... have only had it a week and have taken almost 300 photos - most of them amazing- granted we did go away on holidays in that time but still!! Here's what she looks like....

mmmmmm 10 mega pixels... can't wait to see what that looks like when I get some pics printed! and such a lovely big screen. the colours are awesome too!
and it takes the most amazing macro shots... I have a bit of addiction of taking really close shots of any piece of foliage I can find... this one was a weed on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere (well actually about half way between Katherine & Darwin) - we had to stop for a little boy loo stop! So gorgeous isn't it?

Have so many more gorgeous photos to share.... be back sometime soon with those.
A special thanks to everyone who left me such gorgeous comments on my last post - I really appreciate it. My back pain has settled down a bit now (thank goodness) and starting to feel a bit more positive. Love you all xx


  1. That is a very spesh photo!

    Look forward to seeing mroe.

  2. Hey Tash, you lucky duck, hmmmm now you've got me thinking, I might just have to spend Kev's money on a new camera too and do my bit for the economy, aren't we good little Aussies? LOL!!! Chat soon and have fun with your new toy, Tiff :o) PS I've added you to my blog list for easy access so I can stop by and chat often xx.

  3. What a great looking camera that is...have fun with it! Glad to hear your back is better. :)

  4. Ooooo I like your new toy Tash!! I also have an ixus.... but sadly it's only 5 mp :( and am having some serious camera envy and so want a new one too!! hope you are having a great Easter weekend!
    Aag xx


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