Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

A couple of pics from a very excited Leroy (the Easter Bunny was a clever cookie and put the eggs in his room in a cooler bag with a frozen popper so they would not melt in the heat) and a 'couldn't really care less' Isaac (who has had conjunctivitis caught from his brother, that's why his eyes look so swollen)... hope you have a wonderful Easter. We had quite a sleep in today, compared to last year anyway! Leroy woke screaming for Mummy at 5.30; he'd had a bad dream and thought I was moving back to our old house without him. Sad huh? Not sure what that's about. I gave him a big cuddle for half hour and he drifted back off to sleep, then he came into our bed forgetting to check his room first! He eventually dragged us up after 7 to go hunting!

But I deserve that little sleep in... this is what happened last year!!! Isaac was only about 3 months old and still night waking so Leroy was having disturbed nights sleep anyway... but on the night before Easter he was just so darn excited that it took him *hours* to go to sleep in the first place, and as the Easter Bunny came in the middle of the night (I think I saw a glimpse of him while I was up breastfeeding ) Leroy saw his haul in his room about 2am. He had just discovered that there was a couple of tiny eggs on his dresser in his egg cup... well they went in a flash. I thought 'oh well, no biggie' and he did go back to sleep... or so I thought. About an hour later I was awoken not by a crying bubba but by dim light in my face.... Leroy was up and hunting through his room for more eggs... it was 3am and he had found more that had been hidden in amoung the toys... I told him he had to wait till morning and to go to sleep. I laid with him till he went to sleep but was awoken again at about 4.30 by more light and when I went into his room - well tried - I couldn't get in... he had been having a little floor picnic at 4.30am with his choc eggs and had fallen asleep on the floor behind the door - I assume so we wouldn't bust him in the act!! - having had his fill. Of course I had to snap a photo of the evidence after removing him from the floor! Too funny!

Have a great day. xxx


  1. How cute is that first photo Tash? Just priceless really, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day filled with yummy chocolate memories, Tiff :o)


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