Tuesday, May 26, 2009

when it rains, it pours

arrrgghh!! we found out a week ago that the lovely house we've been in for 12 months and planned to be in another 12 mkonths will no longer be rented so we have to move!! and by june 14th!! so if I'm a bit quiet again you know it's cause my head has been packed in a box along with everything else we own - again!! have not found anoyhting yet but hoping on good news today.
we also celebrated Leroys 5th birthday on sunday - we threw a pirate themed dress up party for about 30 of his school buddies. it was crazy but only for 2 hours on sunday arvo - was heaps of fun really. no photos yet as all still on camera.
leave you with a few DT projects I've completed lately for LSBS - darn blogger and it's sideways images :(

Thanks for visiting and any comments :)


  1. These are all great layouts Tash!

  2. Bummer you have to move. I've only done it twice in the last 20 or so years (once with kids) and I do not wish the stress upon anyone! Hope you've been ok, keep your great layouts coming, I look forward to seeing them. Your boys have grown up so fast. Emily is three next week which makes Jayden 17 months. Scary! Miss you. Kim x

  3. Great layouts..hope you find a new house soon... heres hoping for good news...

    talk soon

  4. Hope you find a nice house real soon Tash :) And total bummer that you have to move, wish I was closer so I could come help you.
    Take care and fingers crossed for that perfect home.
    Trac x


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