Wednesday, June 3, 2009

we have a new home!

finally, after a rather stressful week, we have found our new home. we will be moving next thursday to a lovely 3br home (this means I will no longer have a separate craft room) it's not far from where we live now - actually the position is better as it's only a 2 min walk to the park and around 10min to school. Leroy is very excited about riding his bike - will make me get off my craft butt again, lol.

onto the scrapping... a week or so ago I got a FANTASTIC DT kit from LSBS... I've been working my butt off all week to get everything done before we move as by the time I get my space worked out in the house I'll probably have next months kit to do as well :) here's some of what I've uploaded so far... but have a heap more to show too, will be back soon with that.

hmmm more sideways photos!!! grrrr....

This is one of my recent faves.... love how it turned out.

Bye for now and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Glad that you have found a new house... and it should have cooled down a bit now.. so not too hot whilst you are moving.
    Great layouts...and just a thought... perhaps resize your layouts a little smaller to avoid the sideways layouts... ?
    have a good one... jodes


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