Monday, August 2, 2010

reclaiming my space!

I have spent the most part of today de-cluttering, clearing and clearing out 2 of our 3 bedrooms... started first off with the kids room, which wasn't too bad as I did a massive clean only a few weeks ago... just a lot of rubbish and things that just needed to be put away. here's the results... not too many toys are in here, most are downstairs in a wicker-drawer sideboard thingy under the stiars since they mostly play downstairs or outside.

Then I moved onto the spare room, which we use as an office/craft room. Since we moved here 8 months ago I have hardly created anything in this room, it always felt so un-inspiring and I just didn't want to be up here away form everything. I tried to remedy this by moving all my craft stuff (or the most used things) down to the dining room (which really is very small - it's just an alcove off the breakfast bar) That worked for a while but didn't take me long to get sick of the kids getting into everything and always wanted to paint whenever I sat down! SO today I took on the task of clearing all the junk out, vacuuming all the collected dust (gosh it's dusty up in the Top End - quite incredible!) and then bought all my craft stuff back's what it looks like now.

the desk... sewing machine set up on left and crafting area on the right. so loving the light from the window and as we are up so high and facing south from here we get the most spectacular breeze through the open window. I am going to fill that wall above the sewing machine with all sorts of art... just need a trip to Bunnings for some hooks! (do you like my attempt at comfy seating? lol. really need a new office chair!)

the area behind - to the left of the desk... hubbys study shelf, the filing cabinet (which is great height to keep paper drawers I don't want kids getting into) and the change table and isaac's clothes... no room in kids room for that!

album storage, light box and my big sideboard / credenza with pigeon holes... so love this! it's a bit of a mess at the moment, that's on my list to do this week! too tired now! I keep all sorts of scrapping things in the pigeon holes, mostly stuff I need out of kids reach like stamps, inks, paints, photos etc

Feeling very inspired to create now, which is the result I was hoping for as I'm about to launch my own home-based business... going to be making a whole bunch of things to be sold on Really looking forward to it. Have almost got my logo and banners etc all worked out and then will get to work creating! Stay tuned!


  1. Yay for reorganising... now to get crafting!

  2. Love your new space Tash, I used to feel that way about beinf closed up in my own room.

    Lillee and I like to create together now so I can scrap on the dining table but its all got to go away when finished. lol

  3. here's hoping the reorganisation gets things happening for you - good luck with your new venture :)


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