Friday, July 23, 2010

my Darwin Show entries...

Have been pretty busy this week getting things ready to enter into the Royal Darwin Show... of course I leave it to the last minute don't I?! Good excuse though, lol... had to pay entry fees on last day of school last term and deliver entries 1st day of school this term so had 4 weeks of school hols to get it done! ie no me time!!

Anyway, we went along today and had a ball and found out I won first prize in one of the categories! So happy, it was my fave layout plus I spent freaking hours stitching that flourish in the corner!! Won $15 cash prize...

Here's a few others I did - didn't get anything for these, never mind, maybe next time  :)

This is my gorgeous nephew Leo... black & white challenge layout


Was a little bit disappointed not to get a plce for these cards but only because I spent soooooo long stiching those frames, lol.

(seems blogger is playing silly buggers again with the images but you get the idea)

And this was Leroy's entry in the kids section... he didn't get a plce but was happy to see his picutre on the wall with a participation award on it... (this is sideways too)


  1. So pleased that you got a prize here too Tash & your cards are gorgeous...always love a bit of ribbon on a card & LO. Leroy's picture is he was so proud to see it on the wall!! xoxox

  2. Congratulations on the win Tash, all the pages ands cards are stunning.

  3. They are all great and good on you for entering them great job to Leroy too.
    Love that wedding pic btw is it Newcastle Baths??


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