Sunday, March 1, 2009

I went for this one...

I was very impatient and ended up ordering this before I went to bed last night... (also got the matching banner - all for US $3.00!) But I fiddled round for hours and can't work out how to get it the right size. arrrggghhh! was up till after midnight doing it and, now for the time being at least I GIVE UP!! Me thinks I might need to push buying Adobe Photoshop higher up my wish list!

Be back in a couple of hours with another update... this week it's my turn again to set the challenge over at LSBS (link in side bar ---------> ) for the 52 pick up... so I have quite a bit to upload here for that I will also pop up all I've done so far as well. Thanks to everyone that commented and gave their opinion on the background.

PS Kim can you please email me.... I am getting your comments but I don't have your email addy anymore (not sure why!) so I can't reply. thanks

Oh and the banner up top IS blank for the time being... I have not gotten around to adding anything in there yet... on my to-do list!

1 comment:

  1. wow ..great wieght loss babe
    i m so with you there

    thanks so much for sharing your positive love ..great to see your stuff babe ...
    xx hugs and scrap dreams


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