Friday, July 31, 2009

finally some layouts!

here's a couple of recent creations....
heaps more to come soon as I've been doing some shopping the last few days. Now just gotta wait for it all to arrive, that's the hard bit isn't it? (oh and hoping the postie arrives sometime when hubby isn't here, lol)

no idea why I get these sideways images but it ticks me off. have tried making the pics smaller but it ain't working today!

no RAK today (SORRY!) had a bit of a busy day and then ended up having to rush Leroy up to the Drs complaining of sever ear pain. Turns out he has Tonisillitis and inflamed ear drums... so YET ANOTHER round of anti-biotics for him. better get him eating some good yoghurt I think!
While we were up there waiting for his scripts I thought we'd pop in to Woolies and get a few things for dinner. I was just about done and Leroy says he needs to do a poo. I told him ok, go to the girls toilet and I'll be right there (just needed to go thru express lane checkout and could see the entrance to the loo from wehre I was standing) Anyway so I'm just going there after paying and almost run into this girl in the door and she asks if that's my kid in there as he's in there crying. Tuned out he made it to the cubicle but didn't manage to get his pants off and did wee & poo in his undies and school pants - made a big mess. He was so embarressed, the poor thing. I had no clothes for him so had to get him to sit naked except for his shirt in the pram with a magazine folded over his lap. He was so mortified that someone would see him. TYhis is the child who won't even go swimming without a rash shirt on incase someone see him so you just imaging how he felt. Luckily we didn't see anyone he knew after this but there were a couple of young boys looking and pointing at him in the chemist and I just wanmted to scoop him in my arms and protect him like he was a baby (not much chance of that at 24.5kg)
We were glad to get home that's for sure!
I will be back with the giveaway by the end of the weekend.

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  1. Oh poor Leroy - how unsettling for him. Glad he didn't see anyone he knew.
    Hope he feels better soon.

    Great layouts Tash.

    I had this image problem too - now if this happens I use "Windows Live Writer" - google it and see what it says - really easy to set up. It's free, you use it just like a blog set up to upload pics, in there you can rotate images and condense them. Once you're done you publish it and it transfers all details over to your Blog. Yell if you need any help with it.

    Luv Sandie


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